the long story

My name is Raimon Bjørndalen and I’m what you call an photographer enthusiast, based in Norway.

Photography is one of my passions and I started with sportsphotography a few years ago. Based the subject matter to martial arts since that is my other passion.

Ever since I tried my first analogue SLR when I was 16 I tried to get some good shots during those years, but eventually failed due to the lack of knowledge about the technical aspect of the camera itself.

After getting a DSLR things got better and I quickly figured out that I needed (wanted) better glass in front of the sensor. Canon was my chioce of gear since the previous cameras I had were Canon cameras.

With a few tips from some friends and the ‘learning by doing’ principle I improved within the sportsphotography element.

I’ve always wanted to do good landscape photography but never really got the hang of it until the last couple of years. Learned from some of the best in the world and stepped up in the field with brand new eyes.

The best part of doing landscapes, cityscapes or any other style out in the world is the fact that I’m out by myself and I have something to focus on. Places may be crouded but in my mind I’m there by myself and in that moment I’m absolutely free.